That Spritz Life: Drinking and Cooking Culture in Italy

I’ve decided I never want to open a podcast not in Italian again.

I also never want to *not* be drinking a spritz.
I also never want to *not* be drinking a spritz.

In honor of Italy Week at Food52—have you heard?—I drank spritzes sat down with the authors of two of our favorite new books: Talia Baiocchi and Leslie Pariseau, authors of Spritz, and Katie Parla of Tasting Rome.

Listen to hear Katie open the show in lyrical Italian—and keep listening to hear all about cocktail legends, carbonara origin stories, and whether or not Italian jungle juice exists.

Play the episode above, find it on iTunes, or listen to it using your favorite podcatcher. (Don’t have one yet? We’re fans of Stitcher.)

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